2015 Camp Programme

We have a delicious programme with a whole host of wonderful workshop leaders. Many regulars will be there plus some new faces to welcome. The theme this year is Playing For Time, inspired by Lucy Neal’s new book that she will be talking about on Sunday afternoon.

This year we also have the Sticks and Stones Sauna.

The programme below is still subject to some changes and some more things are still to be added when confirmed.


2pm onwards – Arrive and set up
4pm – Opening circle
5pm – Firelighting – Urtzi Christobal. Learn how to make fire by friction.
6-9pm DINNER
6pm – Silent meditation with Mike Grenville in the Woodland yurt
6.30 Sunset
• Kids storytelling – Milly Hawkins in the Woodland yurt
• What is Transition Towns? Martin Grimshaw – Gaia Dome-  (if you are new/intrigued to/by the Transition town movement we urge you to attend)
• Sauna till late

Speed Networking hosted by Martin Grimshaw & Ian Lawton: Gaia Dome. Come together to get to know your fellow campers and weave the web of connections and community
Music by Beccy Elder – White Tipi

Music from Omer Makessa & Poetry from Lynne Christine Ridden – Green Tipi.   Omer’s music is a soulful afro-caribbean fusion & sunshine from Martinique bringing warmth and light to the lengthening nights….  Performed alongside poetry from the heart – a sensual journey into the wild and gentle landscape of love in all its forms – earthly and divine.
WeTheUnCivilised – Documentary film trailer and talk.
 MUSIC: Geoff Robb Classical guitar – Woodland yurt.
 Open Mic around the fire


7-8am – Silent meditation – Mike Grenville – Little Owl Yurt
7.09 Sunrise
Morning movement and meditation – Lula Edmonds – Woodland yurt
 Kids Yoga – Julia Pilgrim – Kids tent
Adult Yoga: Yoga to beat the winter blues – Clare Josa – Gaia Dome –
Bring a blanket along to this session

8.30 – Firelighting: learn how to make fire by friction – Urtzi Christobal. White center tipi

9.00- 9.30
Singing for OxytocinPeter Cow in the Gaia Dome. A marvelous way to start the day with the ever-talented permaculture man Peter
  Parents shared childcare meet up – Kids tent

Medicine Walk & Council in Nature – Rebecca Card – Green Tipi.  A time to enter in to the bigger conversation with ourselves, each other and the more-than-human-world.  Through the container of the natural world and ceremony we will walk alone on the land, following the thread of the moment, Bringing back the story to weave into the collective fabric of consciousness.  All are welcome.

• How Birth Shapes our HumanityHannah Mae-Dawson – Little Owl yurt.  Applies to the majority, (ie: anyone who has been born and wants peace on earth!) So the talk is interactive, with many opportunities that involve the group and people contribute their wisdom and personal experiences. It takes people on an insightful exploration into their own journey to earth through the womb and their birth. We discover how this journey impacts us and creates our blue print for life… influencing who and how we are and the way we behave/live.. Then we ‘Zoom Out’ and start to see how that shapes our relationships and societies and consequently the way we treat the earth… Then we Look into the way we are approaching birth today and consider how medically hijacking of the birth process may be perpetuating the very issues we are all spinning on out arses trying to re-solve form the tail end…. Outcome/ conclusion: in order to achieve peace we need inner peace which can only be fully achieved if we heal our own birth traumas AND ‘so within so without’ to resolve the global issues we face long term, we must ensure that way we welcome in coming souls to Earth gently and in love. 

Join in this family fun drop-in workshop and learn how to make decorative rope and friendship bracelets from old T-shirts. There will be fabric on hand, but you are welcome to bring your own out-grown and pre-loved T-shirts for upcycling. [re]design will show you how to cleverly cut old T-shirts to create yarn. The T-shirt yarn can then be twisted into charming bracelets or longer lengths of striking rope. We look forward to making with you! Sarah J, Jason, Milly and Max
 KIDS: Nature Games – Chris Hill – Bigwood
KIDS: Pre-school games – Laura Nixon-Thornton
Intro to Herbal medicine – Lucinda Warner – Woodland yurt.
Sauerkraut demo with nutrition info and handouts – Eloise Minton – Gaia Dome

Dying to Talk – Mike Grenville & Urtzi Christobal – Woodland yurt
A space to share your personal story about death and dying. Introduced with a short talk about how we became so death phobic in society.
Adult Bushcraft Games – Marina Robb- Bigwood.
Music playshop with instruments – Philip Millburn: Gaia Dome. Improvisation and assorted musical mayhem.  Bring your own chair for comfort.
KIDS: Lantern making – Anastasia Christie. Make beautiful parchment paper lanterns with leaves
KIDS: Outdoor games – Daniel Bernstein – Meet  at White Tipi

12.30 LUNCH
2- 3.30pm
Herbal medicine making and tasting workshop – Alice Bettany & Tanya Lodge – Gaia Dome. Sussex herbalists Tanya lodge and Alice Bettany will discuss their favourite winter herbal medicine, one batch of winter tonic will be made into a few separate variations and handouts issued with recipes and instructions to be re-created at home again.  Tastings of various herbal concoctions at end of session.  Bring a notepad, pen, camera & own spoon/cup.  Interested children welcome to accompany parents.  
Radical Embrace – Francis Briers – Woodland yurt.  How do we embrace our future, ourselves, each other and the planet? I frequently feel completely overwhelmed.  When I look reality in the eye and honestly reflect on the state of the world around me I feel swamped.  This workshop is based on my latest book ‘Radical Embrace’ which I wrote as a response to the challenge that modern life, in a complex and often fractured world, offers us. We will work through 4 different levels of awareness encompassing leadership, embodiment, compassion and sustainability using experiences and dialogue around 4 essential questions.  Join me to come together in community and explore how we can more fully embrace our lives as part of this beautiful Being, Earth.
Drop In Felting – Katey Young – Felting white yurt
Foraging with Chris Hope – Meet at White tipi
KIDS: Transient art– make an Earth picture using materials from Nature – Cathy Curtis

3.45 – 5.15pm
Intro to Knitting skills – Gail Davidson – Little Owl yurt
Sustainable Relationships – Natalie Lamb – Woodland yurt
Creating a sustainable planet, starts with us having sustainable love. For each one of us, it will be something unique that calls our name. In this co-creative workshop I guide you through issues in the world. We explore how this mirrors our consciousness. We face the challenges outside of us, and listen to what they are calling us to heal, embrace, integrate, and love within ourselves and our relationships. We each will work away with a personal connection to sustainable love: knowing how we can create healthy, kind, inspiring, and connected relationships to ourselves, each other and the planet. 
Seed Bombs – Josie Jeffreys – Field
• Stories from the Energy Revolution – Howard Johns, Southern Solar: Gaia Dome.  Change the system from the bottom up and make the next great leap forward to achieving clean, affordable, democratic energy. It’s time  for us to take control, relocalise, reduce costs and carbon emissions, repower our neighbourhoods and join the energy revolution.
Green Roofing – Stella Peyerl – Green Tipi
• KIDS: Wild Wood fun with Hamish Raby – Bow making. Kids tent.

• KIDS: Pizza Making in Earth oven
5.30 – 7pm
Community Woodlands – Vision and Practice – Stuart Boyle; Gaia Dome
Transition Tales – The Warriors Way – A Journey to the Heart, with a focus on inner transition – Steph Bradley in the Woodland yurt
For the love of the Earth; a poetic journey of the soul – an experiential workshop based upon the natural rhythms of the seasons – inner and outer – Lynne Christine Ridden.  Green Tipi
Silent meditation – Mike Grenville – Little Owl yurt
KIDS: Singing with Jan Alain; White Tipi

6-8pm DINNER

KIDS: Storytelling – Lily Rose Sequoia
Astronomy with Olly Greenwood; Gaia Dome
Poetry and music from Rebecca Card – Woodland yurt
‘There is a longing in me
that I am willing to bear
for the rest of my life ~
the one that comes with
the return of the beast
on the rocky out-crop;
the one that, when I am
beckoned towards it’s
sky-clad silhouette,
has me weeping
for an eternity I can
never grasp’.

 MUSIC: Julius Way gig: Dream-walking folk band from Brighton. – White Tipi

  Dirk Campbell; Music from a walled Garden. Woodland yurt
  Campfire open mic


7-8am   Silent meditation – Mike Grenville. Woodland Yurt
  KIDS yoga – Julia Pilgrim – Kids tent
  Morning Movement and meditation – Lula Edmonds – Woodland yurt
 Fire Making learn how to make fire by friction – Urtzi Cristobal – White Tipi

 Adult Yoga: Yoga to beat the winter blues – Clare Josa – Gaia Dome – Bring a blanket along to this session
 Singing for Oxytocin – Peter Cow
  KIDS: Seed Bombs – Josie Jeffreys
•  KIDS: Parents shared child care meet up
•   Plant Patterns Identification workshop – Christopher Hope. Gaia Dome
•   Connect with Intuition – Clare Josa – Woodland yurt  How to connect with your Intuition, in a left-brained world. An inspired blend of NLP, demystified Ancient Wisdom and a reformed Engineer’s common sense, you’ll discover how to get past your inner critic and Monkey Mind to reconnect with your inner wisdom, no matter how hectic life gets. You’ll also experience how to tell when it’s really your intuition, rather than wishful thinking, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.
•   The Mother’s Fire – Miche Tetley – Little Owl yurt
Mothers Fire is about celebrating and honouring the Mother, in all her forms. As an organisation, we provide emotional and soulful support to women who are mothering, and would like to see the role of the mother elevated in importance in the eyes.
•   Natural Bee Keeping – Ioonah Woods – Green Tipi
•   KIDS: Clay Cats – Jo Homan – Kids tent
•   KIDS: Preschool games – Laura Nixon-Thorton. Next to Kids tent

11.45 – 1.15pm
•   Open space – Hosted by Peter Cow
•   KIDS: Our future, Kids artwork project. Milly Hawkins – Kids tent
•  Family: Nettle Cordage – Chris Hill. Bigwood
12.30-2pm LUNCH

•  World CafeEveryone comes together to discuss what we have learned and help improve the camp for future years
•   KIDS: Transient artmake an Earth mandala using materials from Nature – Cathy Curtis
•  KIDS: Craft recycling workshop – Liz Purple

•  Playing For Time: Making Art as if the World Mattered – Lucy Neal
In her book, sixty experienced artists and activists give voice to a new narrative – shifting society’s rules and values away from consumerism and commodity towards community and collaboration with imagination, humour, ingenuity, empathy and skill. Inspired by the grass-roots Transition movement, modelling change in communities worldwide, Playing for Time joins the dots between key drivers of change – in energy, finance, climate change, food and community resilience – and ‘recipes for action’ for readers to take and try.

•  KIDS: Head dress workshop – Hamish Raby. Kids tent
3.30 – KIDS: Storytelling: Daniel Yabsley – Green Tipi

4.45 – 5pm- Closing Circle – Rebecca

Flash ticket sale this weekend.

Flash ticket sale for Transition camp this weekend.
Tickets available at early bird rate – £55 an adult, £130 for 2 adults and 2 kids, £75 for 1 adult and 2 kids.
This rate available for THIS weekend only. Sale ends on Monday evening 14 September.

Book NOW!…

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Workshop update

Here are just some of the workshops on offer in 2015 to inspire you:
  •  Chris Hope will be leading a foraging workshop, including plant identification tips and his insights from years of leading foraging walks.
  •  Alice Bettany offering a practical herbal winter health session
  •  Lynne Ridden will be offering a workshop on ‘for the love of the earth’ – a poetic journey of the soul. This will be an experiential workshop based on the natural rhythms of the seasons.
  •  Katey Young will again be running her hugely popular felting workshop, so come along, try it for yourself and be inspired by some of her creations from the past year.
  •  Nathalie Lamb will be sharing her insights from her years of work with people on developing sustainable relationships, to inspire and empower you.
  •  Clare Josa will be inspiring you to connect with your Intuition, even if your feet are planted firmly in a left-brained world, sharing a unique blend of Ancient Wisdom, NLP (the ‘user manual for your brain’), mindfulness and a dollop of humour.
  •  Steph Bradley will be taking us on a journey to the heart – telling Transition tales with a focus on inner transition
  •  Mike and Urtzi will be leading a session on ‘Dying to Talk’, sharing their huge experiences in helping people with their end of life experiences and inspiring us all to open our hearts to this transition.
  •  Lucinda Warner will be sharing an introduction to herbal medicine.
  •  Ioonah Woods will talk about natural bee keeping
  •  Rebecca Card will be leading us through a journey to connect with the ‘more-than-human-world’
  •  Childrens bushcraft and forest school with Circle of Life ReDiscovery,
  •  Peter Cow will be leading an ‘open space’ session, where you will have the opportunity to share mini-workshops, talks and other inspiration with fellow Transition-Campers on Sunday.
  •  There will be ‘singing for oxytocin‘ each morning, before the programme starts, to get your day off to a beautiful start.
  •  Twice-daily silent meditations will be led by Mike Grenville.
  •  And Lucy Neal will be rounding off our weekend with insights from her work and her book, “Playing for time, making art as if the world mattered
There will also be a sauna, live music, daily yoga for children and adults, an entire kids’ programme and even events for parents with toddlers and pre-schoolers.
We are still finalising the list of events and workshops for the weekend, so these may be subject to minor changes and more workshops will be added over the coming weeks.