Changes to the camp and price rise

Some notes here From Alice and Mike, organisers of the Transition camp
Some notes here From Alice and Mike, organisers of the Transition camp

Hello Friends and Transition Campers!

We have a big announcement about changes to the Transition Camp this year. Wowo campsite have let us know that they need to dismantle the large village area (kitchen, marquee, washing up, power, lights, fridge, oven, tables, shelters etc.) before the camp as they need to reseed the grass in that area of the campsite.

Wowo campsite map
Wowo campsite map

Wowo have offered us another field to use (called upper moat).  This was the field we had the sauna in last year, the one next to the field we normally use. This field contains 6 compost toilets, 2 washing up sinks, 2 showers and has a water source and power source too. The campsite have generously offered to move the large tipi, some banquet tables and benches and some shelters for us to use but we will have to beg/borrow/rent all the rest ourselves. We are ever grateful to the Cragg family and Wowo campsite for donating their beautiful campsite to us year after year and for their help in making 2015’s camp go ahead regardless.

If you have a structure or any kit that may help us please get in touch, we’d be very grateful indeed.  We need eco/solar lighting, flooring/matting, cushions, bean bags, decor etc.

As you can imagine this is a lot more work for us and we will incur more expenses in renting all the structures for workshops, for the kitchen and dining areas etc. Last year a single adult early early bird ticket was £35, and after covering all of our expenses we were slightly short overall. We decided when we started planning this year’s camp to increase the ticket price to £40.  When we found out about the changes to the campsite (after printing the first batch of leaflets!) we decided to leave the early early bird rate at £40 and then increase the rest to make sure we still cover costs.

draft camp layout
Here is our draft layout of what the new camp setup may look like!

Partly we want to encourage early booking as it helps us plan with numbers, but we still want to make it accessible to all.  After the 30th June ticket prices will increase to £55 for adults.  For full price list and family tickets see here.  Compared to other similar events we are proud to say that Transition Camp is still incredibly reasonable, affordable and accessible and we hope you can understand the necessity to increase ticket prices this year.

We aim to be completely transparent about exactly how the money is spent and so we plan to share this information on the website after the event so campers can see how every penny is accounted for. If we have any money left over we’d like to offer more to the workshop leaders who currently only get their expenses paid. Everything else is done on a voluntary basis, myself (Alice) and Mike have never been paid for organising the camps.

We love you Fran!
We love you Fran!

To date, the only people who have been paid for their hard work at the camp is the amazing kitchen team, led by the wonderful Fran Pickering. I think you will all agree she puts in so much hard work and deserves it. When we presented Fran with the challenge of having to set up a completely new kitchen area this year she was totally up for it. Thanks for your boundless energy and enthusiasm Fran, we couldn’t do it without you!

This year we also have an expanded team of helpers to include Ian Lawton and Clare Josa, and we are very grateful indeed to you all for your dedication, inspiration and input so far.


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